Toile of a Jersey Top

For my Design Application and Process unit, I am currently making samples (toiles) of a jersey top with a hood. I Have completed my first two toiles using stretch fabric and have documented my construction development process with the following images below:


First, I had to cut out the patterns of the front of the back, adding 0.5 cm seam allowance to the edges. Then I used the over-locker machine to attach the two sides together.



The next step was to attach the hood. In order for me to get the right fitting around the neckline, I had to alter the neckline from the center front by dropping it down to 4cm. I also decided to borrowed someones hoodie to give me an idea of what my end toile would look like. The placing of the hood have me a good indication of how high I wanted it to be on my design.


The Image above is the result of my first toile. I then continued to work on my second one, where I manipulated the front pattern along the neckline for the placing of the hood.


.The adapted alteration of the neckline of the second toile was successful, which means I can start working on the 3rd sample. On that one, I will be focusing on the length and finishing of the garment before I finalize my chosen design.


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