Toile for High Waist Denim





Sorry its been awhile since my last blog update! Ive been very busy with finishing my toiles for the Design Application and Process unit in my course.

The last toile I was able to work on, was for a high waist denim jeans. I started off by focusing on the basic shape of the jeans before including a waist band. For this unit project I am designing a sportswear inspired outfit, so therefore I wanted the jeans to be loose and baggy for better movement and comfort.

To provide additional comfort for the wearer, I decided to create an elasticated high waist band. While constructing the pattern pieces, I had to consider the waist of the body and kept in mind that you don’t only add on, but rather bring in the shape. I also had to think about how much fabric is going to stretch. I got the idea for this particular finishing from one of my own shorts, which I bought at a clothes market in Singapore 2 years ago. For an additional design feature for the waist, I plan to add an open cut on the side of the waist.

Above, are some images of my toiles,finishing samples and design development process.


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