Draping off the Stand





As I was digging through my collection of fabric, I decided to play around and drape a piece off my mannequin stand. Draping is good alternative to 2D Sketching and is basically the process of positioning and pinning test fabric on dress forms to design clothing. This was a good way for me to construct various shapes, thus exploring the visual impact certain placings and fittings had on the body. I used light synthetic fabric because it is easy to work with. Its best to use more rigid fabrics once you are more comfortable with methods of draping. The images above show some examples of some of my quick design ideas.


Digging through the past and looking forward to the future

Hello fellow WordPressers!

Ive been on summer vacation for a month now and haven’t had the time to update my blog.Rather than letting my blog go to waste over the summer, I decided that I shall start posting some old drawings/garments/projects/ that I have done in the past and talk a little bit about them. I will also be posting about some more current projects such as a summer project that I  have yet to receive from my university.

As much as I love to lay in the sun all day and chill, I also love keeping myself busy with projects, garment making and drawing! A friend of mine has recently told me about her Youtube Chanel where she gives make up and fashion tips. So who knows, I might do a small little project with her at some point.