Summer Projects and a Bamboo Shoe

bamboo02b 220px-Bontoc

Some say Christmas is their favorite time of year. Others might say that its summer break. Chilling by the beach, tanning, traveling, who doesn’t love those things!?

However as the days go by and approaching the end of summer, eventually people have to get back into their daily routine of work/school. This realization sunk in for me a few days ago; when I received the brief for my summer project (future posts about project to be expected). It’s crazy to believe that I’m going back to college as a 2nd year student! (2 more years to go!!)

Seeing as I haven’t started on this year’s project and have nothing to talk about yet, I decided to post last years summer project. We were assigned to make a shoe either from scratch or customize one. I decided to make mine from scratch, seeking inspiration from tribal ethnic images. The main design statement of this piece is the bamboo platform. I cut the bamboo into 10cm sticks and hand glued them together. Then, I used a tribal printed fabric as the body of the shoe. Above is an image of the final product and a few inspiration images.


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