Design Philosophy: Could Eco Be The Answer?

As a part of this year’s Fashion Studies Summer Project, we have to conduct personal research as well as develop ideas to come up with our Design Philosophy. We must record our inspirations in a sketchbook and write a report explaining how our philosophy defines our personal development, creative ambition and future goals.

As I was writing an outline, I decided that sustainability could be a good topic to guide my philosophy. In the past, I’ve done several assignments and essays regarding eco fashion, and its environmental impact. I’ve done research on how manufacturers are trying to develop alternative methods of producing fiber and textile in a more sustainable way. Technological innovations, contributing to eco friendly methods of fashion production such as Air Dye Technology. Designers such as Stella McCartney has, who have always been very vocal about the issues of global environmental damages (She uses organic recycled fabrics with low impact dyes and never uses real fur or leather for any of her collections).

Therefore I feel like that my interest in this social political topic could guide my philosophy, and something to consider within future design projects. I’ll be sure to post my design philosophy as soon as it is done!

To add a little visual creativity to this post, I added images of sketches, of how I used recycled items to collage outfits onto fashion templates.





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