Upcyle Fashion Summer Project




I as  mentioned in some of my previous posts, I was working on a summer project for my fashion course.
The assignment was to come with a personal design philosophy as well as designing/creating an actual product. Coming up with solutions for creating a product with environmental awareness, is how I would like to continue my methods of creating a fashion product. To reflect my philosophy, I decided to explore the concept of up-cycle fashion.

Here are the following steps on how I created my product:

1. I used two white t-shirt, turned one upside down, and turned it into a dress.

2.  For a more flattering fitting of the garment, I decided to elasticated the waist.

3. Finally, I decided to create a belt, by using sleeves of a plaid men’s shirt.

Above, is an image of the final product, its development stages, and an illustration.


Sketches for Upcycle Garment

sketch 2

sketch 1

Sketch 3

Sketch 4

Sketch 5

For the second part of my summer project, I decided to explore upcycle fashion: i.e. creating a garment by using old clothes.

On top, are sketches of design ideas for my garment. I decided to combine two white cotton jersey t-shirts and parts a men’s plaid shirt and turn it into a dress.

I will post images of my final project as soon as I have sewed the whole thing together.