Fleece Hoodie


For the Design ID unit, I decided explore the sportswear market and create an outfit that consists of a hooded fleece jacket, a printed tank top, and elasticated running shorts. Apart from wanting to achieve a pleasing aesthetic of a finished garment, I also had to consider what type of fabrics would be suitable for body movement and weather conditions. Therefore, I chose to make the jacket out of windproof fleece. The overall silhouette I wanted to achieve was a cocoon shape with kimono bat wing arms.

Here is a little step by step of how i sewed the garment together:

Image Image

First I sewed pockets onto the front pattern, 1.5cm away from the center front. Then I sewed the front and the back together.

Image Image

Afterwards, I over-locked the sleeves together.

Image  Image

Then I added a rib as a sportswear feature and to bring in the shape of the jacket.

Image   Image

Sewed zipper onto the center front.

Image  Image

Last but not least, I over-locked the hood all around the neckline.


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