Event Idea: DIY Workshop at Bestival

So back in September 2013, we were put into groups based on similarities each person had with their summer project. I was in the “Eco Fashion” category. Each group had to plan an event that best represented the showcasing/selling of their products.

The Idea we had for an event was a DIY Workshop Tent at the music festival Bestival. The basic concept is where festival visitors are able to bring some old clothes, accessories ect, and will get the chance to customize individual items. To go along with our group’s eco fashion theme, we also plan on educating visitors about environmental issues and facts and how to be more eco conscious. Flyers and leaflets about eco facts will be distributed throughout the whole area.  The tent will have different stands such as various customize clothing tutorial stands, organic food stalls, smoothie/juice bar, organic face paint stand, and a swap shop. Suitable sponsors for this event would be Waitrose, Innocent Drinks and Fair Trade.

For my summer project, I used the upcycling method to create my product. I collected some of my old clothes to create an item of clothing. I used sleeves of a men’s shirts and two jersey t-shirts to make a sports looking jersey dress.

However for the Design ID project, I didn’t use any recycled garments but instead made sure that at least one of my items of clothing was made out of an eco friendly fabric. My digital printed tank top is made out of organic jersey cotton.

Apart from being made out of an organic fabric, I believe that my tank top would suit our Bestival theme quite well. I can see it being worn at festivals combined with other items of clothing that is none sportswear related such as a pair of denim jean shorts and black combat boots. The contemporary graphic print would make it a suitable statement piece combined with plain fabric clothing and simple accessories.

Planning an event in a Fashion Design course was something I didn’t expect us to do at the start of the term. However, it was something I actually enjoyed and was kind of excited to hear that we are going to organize an actual event after Christmas break. Below is a styling image I put together to create a festival inspired outfit as well as an image of Bestival I found on Google.





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