Global Sourcing: “The World is our Lobster!”

So today was my official first day back at university after Christmas break. Over the break, we were given the task to create Pinterest boards to gather images/articles relating to the area we would like to specialize in. We also had to look for innovative fashion products and business/marketing strategies, as this will be an integral aspect throughout the term. The images I mostly gathered related to Sportswear, Eco Fashion, Womenswear, Menswear, Styling and Accessories.

At the moment, I am quite keen on Eco Fashion and Sportswear. What I like about Eco Fashion in general is the idea of sourcing alternative materials for creating a product, while trying to come up with innovative production/design solutions . When it comes to Sportswear , I’m more drawn to the concept of fusing high-fashion aesthetic with functional Sportswear.

One of the first things we were asked this morning by one of our tutors was what area we would like to specialize in (Womenswear or Menswear). While the majority chose either one, I chose both! I really like the idea of designing for both areas and wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to “just Menswear or “just Womenswear”. In Menswear, I would love to design sneakers whilst incorporating some print design. And as for Womenswear, designing a coat or jacket with a structured, clean cut aesthetic is something I would like to do in the future. In terms of marketing and concept, I really like The Kooples Ad campaigns where they portray couples to promote there product.


Later on during the day, we were assigned into groups of 5 based on our Pinterest boards. The task is to work as a business start-up company, that requires us to develop a business plan as well as innovative marketing and design solutions.  My group and I are currently at the mind-mapping stage. At the moment, we would like to work with the concept of couples, perhaps couples with various ethnic backgrounds/age groups. However, we really want to avoid cliches such as the trendy looking hipster type couples holding hands with matching heart tattoos.

Networking in general is going to be crucial for this term, as it is meant to prepare us for the following unit, were we have the option to either do a placement or a live project. On my previous blog post, I talked about on how I contacted and met up a local designer from Zurich. I already have a few contacts in Switzerland, but I also really would love to expand my network in the UK, particularly getting in touch with London base industry professionals.

Generally I am exited about this new term, working with marketing/busniess concepts and getting chance to touch base with people in the fashion industry to expand our creative contacts. Anything could happen as the world is our lobster! (Yes I know its oyster, but this pretty much became the quote of the day for me.)

Link to my Pinterest boards:


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