Tailoring up this Block Party

Recently I visited a current exhibition being showcased at the Gallery at the Arts University Bournemouth. Block Party: Contemporary Craft Inspired By The Art Of The Tailor, displayed a wide range of works by artists, who were inspired by the craftsmanship of tailoring. What I thought was quite impressive was how each artist was able to interpret their own version of tailoring by using various types of medias such garments, ceramics, pattern blocks video installations etc. Considering that tailoring is all about how well something fits the body, the exhibition as a whole gave a fresh artistic point of view of the basic craftsmanship of tailoring.

Below, are images of the pieces that caught my eye the most:


Dress from Negative Collection by Shelly Fox 2006

This probably my favorite piece. If I was ever feeling a bit avant garde, this is something I would actually wear. I was really fond of the dark colors and the way the layers of fabric were casually hanging on the body. The type of fabrics used for this was Tulle, french lace, felt and hand beading by the neckline. Despite the dark colors, the different types of softer fabrics provide a delicate look.


Angel by Richard Sweeney 2011

This was one of the first things I saw when I entered the Gallery. When I read the description, I couldn’t believe that this mini statue was simply made out of watercolor paper and adhesive. I believe that the artist’s perception of tailoring for this particular piece was cutting out paper then layering and gluing them together to construct a body.  Its plain white color and neo-classical elements give it a clean cut aesthetic.


Leg by Tia Calli Borlase 2001

Without looking at the description, it took me a while to figure out what this was. But if you were to look closely, you would see that this work resembles a horses leg. The artist took measurements directly from a real horses leg to create this sculpture. The black cotton ribbon and plastic bonding is what the artist used to create this sculpture. This same type of media is also used to create corsets, which gives it that skeletal aesthetic.


SoundForms by Simon Thorogood

Now this I thought was really cool! This computer animated program draws on the template along the sound of the music, creating a type of garment silhouette. I thought that this was a futuristic innovative and unique approach to the theme of the craftsmanship of tailoring.


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