All Good Things Come In Pairs

So a week has gone by since we established our business start up company for our group project. The task, is to produce a publication based on our market research and to design/create prototypes for a product/product range.

We started off the first week by doing research on a diverse range of couples such as: traveling couples, business couples, multicultural couples, old and young couples. Thankfully, the first thing we decided was to steer clear of any cliches revolving love relationships.

However as our research went along, we began to struggle as to how we would develop an idea for a possible product. So after we had a tutorial with one of our tutors, we decided to expand our research to not just couples, but other things that came in pairs such as twins, best friends etc. We then decided that our main concept would be to design a range of products that came in pairs such as shoes, socks, gloves, salt and pepper shakers etc.

From a marketing perspective and particularly for our publication, we want our visual strategy to have a contemporary outlook, aiming to capture the essence of authenticity and diversity amongst a real life duo. We want to be able to give an insight on ordinary people’s lives and to share their stories that can be relatable to anyone. Which is why we currently trying schedule interviews with either our own personal contacts or industry professionals. 

Next week we will be heading off to London to do some street interviews,gallery and shop visits that would hopefully further help us with our research!


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