So this past month I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that I am currently working on a business start up company group project. I’ve mentioned the concept behind the brand as well as our research trip to London. However I’ve never actually got to explain in full detail what exactly we are about and most importantly, the name! I figured that this would be a good time for my to properly introduce the company. So therefore my fellow WordPressers, I would like to introduce you to: TWO THE BRAND!!

TWO THE BRAND’s visual strategy has a contemporary outlook, aiming to capture the essence of authenticity and diversity amongst a real life duo. Whether its couples, siblings or best friends, we want to be able to give an insight on ordinary people’s lives and share their stories that can be relatable to anyone. We decided to play with the concept of “things that come in pairs” and adapted that into designing a range of products that come in pairs or require other halves. Each real life duo we feature symbolizes the idea that despite a range of age groups, ethnicities, sexualities, lifestyles and profession , our diverse range of products are things that are meant to complement each other.

Last week, we created an online publication and posted it on ISSUU.com. Our TWO THE BRAND online magazine features interviews we did on real life duos as well as a very exiting feature interview with Caryn Franklin’s All Walks Beyond the Catwalk. Having the chance to hear peoples stories made the investigative research worthwhile, as we got to meet some really cool people! For example, one couple founded a clothing company together (http://www.skinnylovewear.com/), while another travel the world together.
It was also great to get some words of wisdom and opinions from fashion industry professional Caryn Franklin about our concept. I know that I am a Fashion Student, but I really enjoyed acting like a Journalist setting up questions,interviews and causally stopping random people on the street. Besides Fashion, Journalism has always been a secondary interest of mine.

At the moment, we are beginning to design and develop our product range that is going to include a detachable jacket, rings, salt and pepper shakers etc. It’s crucial that we finalize our designs and actually start making prototypes this week. For further product promotion, we also plan on organizing an event.

In the meantime, we have also created various social media pages to spread the word of TWO THE BRAND! So please follow us if you are any on these sites…

ISSUU: http://issuu.com/twothebrand/docs/two_the_brand_publication_final#

Facebook: (still to come)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/twothebrand

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/twothebrand/

Tumblr: http://twothebrand.tumblr.com/


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