Back To The Drawing Board…

So last week I mentioned that we were going to include a jacket within our product range. We had this interchangeable idea where you were able to separate the jacket in two halves that required a zipper along the centre back. The centre front was meant to have a few buttons or toggles rather than another zipper. The overall idea of the jacket though, is that you would be able to swap each half to another interchangeable jacket half, creating new color/print combinations.

To further emphasize our interchangeable design, we looked into the idea of playing with the concept of “Summer” and “Winter”. The “Summer” half of the jacket would have had a light weight fabric with print, while the “Winter” half would have had a plain heavy weight fabric.

We figured that designing a product that would require another half, would fit into our brand philosophy quite well. The one thing we had to consider is that the jacket design had to fit both men and women in terms of size and silhouette. So therefore it had to be oversized. For some inspiration, we looked into JW Anderson as he designs for both men and women without creating something unisex, which was something we wanted to do. So at one point, we started to do product research that consisted of looking into trend forecasts, ordering fabric samples, as well as sketching some design ideas.


(Our sketches for the interchangeable jacket designs)

 However when our group tutorial came along where we had to pitch our product, the jacket idea wasn’t received too well as we had hoped for. Our tutor said that in terms of product range, the jacket as well as the other products together such as the rings etc, conveyed a different message to what TWO THE BRAND stood for. She said that our message needed to me clear of what our brand actually stood for and adapting that message into creating a suitable product. She just thought that the interchangeable jacket concept wouldn’t go well in the market and said that “there is a reason as to why certain product ideas were never created…” I guess simply put, the interchangeable jacket just wasn’t market relevant, which is a crucial thing for a product to be in order to appeal to consumers. We were encouraged to look into other product ideas such as bags, and try and adapt that into out TWO THE BRAND concept. However we just weren’t too sure the bag thing would be the right product that would fit our brand, so we decided to take a two day break to think and come up with new ideas.

When my group and I met up to discuss our ideas, we decided that our new product range would consist of accessories. It would include: Gloves, socks, rings, beanie hats, belts etc, that would have a TWO THE BRAND logo on them.

However we also want to include a range of non fashion items such as salt and pepper shakes, stationeries, mugs etc, to demonstrate how we would expand our brand. With this idea we thought about Paul Smith. He does fashion but also has done product design collaborations such as the mini car and the Evian bottle design.

Our current focus at the moment is us researching marketing/branding concepts as well as product/print designs. Despite not being able to go forth with the jacket idea like we originally planned, we are looking forward with this new concept of accessories with our logo on it.


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