Developing Accessory Range

Last week was a pretty busy week! After we decided that we wanted to do an accessory range, we began to develop design ideas and booked necessary workshops to make samples/prototypes.

The following accessories we decided to include within our product range are:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Gloves
  • Beanie hats
  • Socks
  • Scarves

For the rings and necklaces, we decided to make them out of pewter. A few of us attended a session on Tuesday the 11th, where we were able to create some samples.

We had to start off by engraving the shapes we wanted onto a cuttle bone. Apparently you can find those things on the beach but you just have to make sure to dry them. Then once we carved our shapes, we had to create a funnel on the side to pour the pewter into a hole and attach a board onto the surface. We got to use a really cool blow torch to melt the pewter with which was fun! It’s made out of metal and alloy and is melted at 150 degrees. Sadly, the shapes didn’t turn out to be as clean cut as we wanted them to be. However, we still wanted to continue with this particular technique but rather than hand carving it, we decided to make samples by using the laser cutter. Creating the sample shapes on wood using the laser cutter turned out much better and from then on we decided to go forth with this method.




First Pewter samples with bone


 Laser cutting shapes for pewter

 The toiles of the gloves have been coming along nicely thanks to Penny’s amazing sewing skills! We as a group are still deciding on the fabric for the gloves but are thinking either leather or suede.


Glove toile

 For the hats, we thought knitted beanie hats would suit our accessory range. I really am bad at traditional hand knitting, but I was willing to try and learn how to use the giant knit machine we have in our studio. It looks like a really complex machine, but once we were briefly taught the basics, it seemed pretty straight forward and even got to make some samples. Knit wise, we tried out a 2+2 rib with a 2/1 set up, meaning that the hat would have a nice thick detailed woven design.


Knit sample


For the scarves and socks, we ordered a coated bamboo jersey fabric so we can use the digital printer to create print designs. I posted some of the print design ideas in my previous post if you want to check those out.

I’m actually exited that our brand is tapping into the accessory market rather than the apparel market. However, the pieces just need to be done within the next 2 week! The TWO THE BRAND crew is going have a busy time ahead of them!!


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