Finishing up EVERYTHING

With only less than 1.5 weeks until we have to submit our project for the term, this week was a pretty hectic week in terms of planning and production. One half of the TWO THE BRAND crew were busy organizing our upcoming photoshoot sourcing clothes, models and finding appropriate locations. Meanwhile on my half on the production side, we were busy finishing up as many products as we could in time for the shoot. I mentioned in previous posts that I was responsible for the jewellery while others were working on the hats and socks. Our jewellery range now consists of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. Overall, I am very pleased as to how the jewellery turned out and look forward seeing them on the models!

Here are images of the finished products:Image

 Finished necklace


Back of necklace


Back of necklace










The range

We also had another tutorial with Anne this week about our branding concept and the materials we were going to use to make our accessories. Her conclusion was that we really need to work on our marketing approach as according to her “ it isn’t special enough to stand out..”. In terms of production, she said that she liked the jewellery pieces but suggested to use other materials for the chains. We ended up deciding on black suede for the chains, as they gave a really nice contrast in terms of texture and color. Sadly she really wasn’t to keen on the hats even though based on my personal opinion they turned out quite well. Overall she did made valid points and we took her advice and got to work..

Tomorrow is going to be a very long but exciting day as it is PHOTOSHOOT DAY! Really looking forward to work with the models cause they look amazing! Hope all goes according to plan and that the weather will cooperate (doubt it though cause this is England..).


Models for shoot


Models for shoot


Models for shoot


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