My TWO THE BRAND Experience

Job description:

Jewellery Designer/Maker- Demonstrating Adobe illustrator skills and use of laser cutting machine. Manufacturing the pieces using a pewter melting/casting technique. 

Research Analyst- Researching the brands initial concept. Analysing facts, statistics revolving couples and a other duos. Gathering research images and documenting the company’s development in all sectors. Brand philosophy. 

Journalist- Conducting and editing the interviews in our publication. 

Print Designer- Demonstrating Adobe Photoshop skills to create a variation of print designs. 

So these past 7 days have definitely been the most busiest we have ever been throughout this entire project. My sleep deprived week included group meetings to finalise our pitch as well as me documenting everything into our group sketchbook. The other half of the TWO THE BRAND crew were working their magic on editing our photoshoot pictures and fashion film.

These past few months have been quite the journey and its all gone by so fast! It only seems like yesterday when our adventurous London trip took place. My responsibilities varied throughout this group project. For our publication, I was the brands investigative journalist who organised the interviews. Products development wise I designed/made the jewellery range, but would have the occasional assistant help out with the finishing off the pieces. I also did print designs for our Jersey fabric. Sadly however due to unseen circumstances, the Jersey couldn’t be used to manufacture a sufficient product that would suit our range. Otherwise in regards to other areas such as the photoshoot, I just added my input when needed.

What I really enjoyed from this experience was being able to demonstrate various skill sets as well as working in a group that had an overall good working dynamic.  Slightly Quoting our design philosophy: “Sharing the experience of documenting this journey is something I hope to treasure.”


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