New Term, New Project, New Opportunities

So yesterday was my first official day back at university after spring break. We were given a brief and schedule for our new project and had to talk about some of our research we have done to prepare. This term, I will be doing a live project working like a freelance designer for an established design studio. I signed up to work for an a high end outerwear/sportswear brand, where I will be designing a 6 piece capsule collection and physically make one outerwear garment. I am really exited to be involved in this project, as my past projects have had me mixing contemporary Fashion with Sportswear. However this is going to probably be my busiest term ever (foresee sleep deprivation). We were already given the task to research and prepare a color/ fabric story, finishing samples, market research, developing designs, exploring various shapes and silhouettes etc. Its basically a never ending list of things that need to be done by next Thursday, as this will be the day the head designer of the company we are working for will have a look at our ideas. On the bright side, I really will take full advantage of further exploring and learning about the Outerwear/Sportswear market, as this is an area I wish to specialize in in the future.


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