Designer Q&A

So yesterday we were supposed to receive a visit from the designer we are working for as freelance designers. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to see us in person and had to resort contacting him via Skype. We had a brief Q&A session where we asked questions about the design brief he had given us and what his expectations are for us to successfully complete the requirements. The session gave us great insight of what this project is all about and how we can progress further within our design research and development. He rescheduled his visit to the 24th of April and by then our toiles need to be completed. I am currently developing my designs and doing further research in terms of theme, fabrication, construction, and silhouettes. I will post my progress and scan sketchbook pages this weekend. In the meantime, here are some of the exciting questions and answers from the Skype session:

Q: How much of our own style and inspiration would you like us to incorporate into the design?

A: Something different. While designing for the brand, consider balancing the given brief and bringing in own style and interpretation.

Q: In terms of our given price point (400-1000 GBP) what fabrics would you suggest for us to use to emulate that standard?

A: (500-185-80-40) Say something is worth 500 pounds. The cost is of the product is determined not only by the quality of the material, but the hours put into manufacturing. Say you were to pay someone 80 pounds to cover the manufacturing costs. But the actual fabric costs 40 pounds. So in other words, keep your budget tight in the manufacturing side and you don’t need to spend as much on fabric as you think.

Q: What do you think is more important: functionality or aesthetic? Or do you think they are equally important?

A: Aesthetic is more important. Something could be functional but look ugly and nobody would wear something ugly.


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