From Fabric to Fashion

The other day I decided to travel up to London to do some fabric shopping. After my tutorial with the designer the day before, he suggested that I should maybe look into using silk and laminate it with PVC to make it water proof. Considering I am doing women’s outerwear, the otherwise delicate fabric would give it that touch of femininity. So therefore , my mission was to find myself good quality silk in a rich pastel color.

As soon as I arrived in the capital, I headed straight to Shepherds Bush. Its an area quite known for its outdoor food market. However my focus was fabric and not food, even though I really was hungry as I was walking pass various ethnic cuisine food stands! I went into this shop called Classic Textiles on Goldhawk Road, a place highly recommended to fashion/costume students. I started off by collecting a few fabric samples of silk in different shades of green. After I was done looking around, I couldn’t decided which fabric to choose out of the following two colors: Mint green and light green.

The mint was a very soft color in comparison to the vibrant “in your face” light green. I decided to go with the mint for the following reasons:

  • Audience-  I had to keep in mind that I am designing for a customer aged between 30-60 years old so the color has to appeal  and suit to that particular age group.
  • Cliché- Seeing as I want to create a leaf type silhouette, the light green just would have made it look like a giant plant, which is not quite the look I am going for…


Mint Green (chosen color)                                      Light Green

Some may argue that Soho is London’s fabric hotspot, however Goldhawk Road provides a much more diverse range of quality fabrics for reasonable prices. The fabric shops are clustered together along the Shepherds Bush area, making it perhaps overwhelming of where to start/buy. My advice would be to browse through most of the shops and rather than buying x meters of fabric on the spot, collect fabric samples and decided later on which ones you would like to buy.

Below are images of fabric samples I have collected as well as the silk satin fabric I bought:


Fabric samples from sketchbook



Mint green silk satin



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