Poncho Working Drawing

Today I used the Kaledo Lectra software to create a working drawing for my poncho. Used to convey design ideas and garment details to pattern cutters and machinists, it is essential that they are drawn accurately to avoid misunderstanding and costly mistakes in sampling and production. They must indicate what type of stitching goes where, the measurements, and what type of finishing/fabric the garment is going to have.

My Garment has the following description:

  • 3 layer poncho
  • Front Poncho (Layer 1) had a detachable bag with a zipper along the center front. (zippers connect them)
  • Side seams, center front seam, center back seam, hood seam, neckline seam are overlocked
  • 1m strap and double jetted zip pockets at the back of the bag
  • Zippers are stitched on
  • Zipper seams are 57cm
  • 2nd and 3rd layer have a zipper seam attaching/separating them to make a sleeve
  • Hood length is 40 cm
  • Hood facing width is 2cm folded (not folded its 4cm)
  • Zippers/bag strap(made of bag webbing) are white




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