The Intern Experience: Day 1, First Day

So today was my first day as a summer fashion intern. Back in February, I e-mailed around 40-50 companies, asking if they had any internship position over the summer. Amongst the 10 who actually did reply, I was invited to two interviews and managed to secure one position.

Over the next 5 weeks, I will be working as a pattern room intern/assistant for a London based fashion brand. I will be keeping track and posting exciting things about what tasks I had to, how I am finding it, and a little bit about the area of where I am temporarily living in London.

The tasks throughout my first day kept me busy, but nothing that was too complex. The majority of it consisted of basic 101 intern tasks such as staking up folders, scanning spec sheets and hanging up clothing for the upcoming season. However throughout the day, my mentor/boss gave me some insightful information about the development stages within the production/sales of the garments and what seasons they do. Basically, the specs, fittings of the garments have to be re-worked as many times as needed before the final specs are sent to factories for production. And even then some things might have to be altered. The seasons that they do every year are: Christmas, Spring Summer, Mid Summer, Fall Winter, along with some fast pack ones in between.

I was also taught a new skill by using a PDM software, to edit and keep track of the specs of the garments. Each garment is given a so called base number that is stored in the PDM program. My job throughout most of the day basically consisted of me scanning and typing in the information.

Out of all the places I applied to, this particular company was defiantly one of my top choices and therefore feel very fortunate being able to work here for the summer. Cant say who it is though just like the previous posts about my Live Project (Policies etc…). Day one overall went well. Staff is nice, boss is nice, work environment/setting for a fashion brand HQ is good (Not like in Ugly Betty or anything like that). Looking forward to these exciting weeks up ahead!




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