The Adjustment

A person needs at intervals to separate himself from family and companions and go to new places. He must go without his familiars in order to be open to influences, to change. –Katharine Butler Hathaway

Getting to know a new surrounding is always exciting. However, you might have to get used to certain things and adapt yourself accordantly within perhaps unfamiliar situations. This week for me was all about adjusting. Whether it was at the new work place or my new living environment, I had to incorporate new daily routines for myself.

Throughout most of the week at work, I found myself scanning and editing specs for their mid summer 2015 collection with web PDM and Photoshop as well as filing and archiving. I thought it was quite cool to see what garments are going to be in store in one years time! In terms of production terminology, I learned some new phrases:

CMT= Cut, Make, Trim. This means that the company source their own materials but produce their garments in oversees factories. Some garments that are being produced in other factories without CMT means that the factories are the ones who source the fabrics for the company.

Master Specs= Patterns sent without info.(no specific measurements). For prototypes.

Sales Specs= Send with info and alterations.

Sealer Specs= Final stage.

Thursday was a pretty exiting but busy day! Throughout most of the day, I had to walk back and forth from the pattern to the design room to hand in sketches to some of the designers. In addition to this, I had to do the usual tasks along with boxing folders (So many folders!!). The most exciting thing about that day however had to be the sample sale! We got to leave work a bit early to attend the company’s sample sale! The clothes were sold at much cheeper prices than usual, which made me feel very excited yet overwhelmed at the same time! All those people with all those heavily reduced clothes made it seem like some type of chaotic retail jungle. Spending wise, I thought I was rather good! Seriously, I could have been much worse…. The following day in contrast was a rather quite day. So quite in fact, that I ended up helping out at the Q&A (Quality Assurance) department during the afternoon. Q&A approve each sample garments before they can be sold in retail. One unusual thing I noticed that day was that all these male models were wondering around the hallways. They certainly weren’t a sight for sore eyes! Turns out that there was a model casting going on that day.

In terms of living environment, I found a place in the district camden. Outside the pattern room, I occasionally find myself exploring and wondering around the markets, where a diverse range of food ,fashion, people and music create the vibrant atmosphere camden is known for. Ive been able to scope out some new favourite pub/cafes of mine, that certainly will keep me entertained for the month! As I was doing some grocery shopping a few days back, some random dude gave me free tickets to see Chromeo at the Roundhouse. He didn’t even ask for money or anything else in exchange, he just simply walked away. I was sceptical at first, but the tickets turned out to be legit! So being able to see a free gig at the famous roundhouse turned out to be pleasant surprise that evening. Other places that I personally would recommend include:

The Monarch: Laid back pub decent priced drinks with some good live music!  

The Ice Warf: Part of the Whetherspoons chain, this place serves good food and fun atmosphere on a saturday night!

Inspiral Lounge: For all you fellow health food enthusiasts, this place overlooking the lock serves the tastiest salads, kale chips and raw chocolate cakes! 

Overall, I am pleased that I survived my first week at the internship and living in London! Tomorrow I start week 2, where new tasks/adventures/ acquaintances lie ahead.



IMG-20140602-00645 IMG-20140604-00647 IMG-20140606-00662

IMG-20140606-00660 IMG-20140605-00651 IMG-20140605-00652


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