A Glimpse Into The Future

Fashion is a fast paced business where seasons move into another with the speed of light. Therefore, time management and planning ahead is essential. Brands need to allow themselves plenty of time for important decisions within the Design and Production process. Think of it like this: Design => Range=> Plan=> Sample=> Sell

Collections are worked on 12-18 month before they are meant to hit stores. During my time, I’ve managed to gain exclusive insight of what’s to come for the brands S/S 2015 collection. Through sketches and fittings of samples with the in house fit model, the glimpse into the future brings exciting graphic prints, finishing design details and overall stunning summer time garments!

Whether it’s the Pattern Cutters using their technical skills or the Designers gathering inspiration, witnessing creative professionals work their magic has been an exciting thing to see. A few weeks back, I was wearing a white crop top that caught one of the Designer’s eye and asked if she can take measurements off my top. This week when I went to hand in Sketches in the Design Department, I was wearing the same top. The same Designer noticed and wanted to show me the sample piece she designed inspired by what I was wearing. It was this cute lace crop top with a zipper along the centre back. I hope it doesn’t get rejected and will be in stores next year!

Otherwise, my usual tasks of scanning and editing of sketches, cutting patterns, filing etc continued throughout the week. However, I once again was able to help out outside the Pattern Room which included working in Q&A, Production, and E-commerce.

Assigned to work to at the E-Commerce Department one afternoon, I got to assist the E-Commerce Coordinator with a garment checklist for the upcoming AW14 and SS15 collections. One of her responsibilities includes analysing e-mail marketing activity on a regular basis and keeping track of sample pieces. In addition to this, she gets to help out at Photoshoots. She mentioned that Photoshoots are mostly done in the building with in-house Photographers. It was nice to get to know another department that I’ve never been to before. Other departments on that particular floor include Web, Marketing, Accessories, Homeware, Photoshoot Studios, Buying, and the Legal Department.

That same afternoon, I got to attend a Rage Review Fashion Show for the upcoming A/W14 collection. The mini catwalk show that showcased Womenswear and Menswear pieces, is typically exclusive for Buyers and Staff that takes place every 6 months. The collection ranged from sequins party dresses, knitwear worn over dresses and well designed coats/jackets. One outfit that made a rather risqué debut on the runway consisted of a long sleeve mesh dress worn with a bra and high waist underwear. Overall though, it was a fun show with good music that provided an exciting atmosphere! It must feel rewarding for the people involved in creating those pieces seeing the garments being brought to life. If they were to look back 1 year ago, those clothes were nothing more than a vision on paper and toiles on mannequins.


AW14 Range Review


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