Blue Pleats

Hello my fellow WordPressers!

Sorry for my 3 week absence as I have been enjoying some summer time off.

However, I will make sure not to completely neglect blogging and will keep myself busy with some sewing, drawing and doing research for my major final year project. During my first week back in my hometown to visit friends and family, I decided to stop by at a local fabric shop to gain some inspiration on how I would design/create future garments. I ended up buying some fabric and a magazine with design ideas and traceable pattern pieces.

My first garment I sewed up so far is a sleeveless top with pleats on the front and a longer back. Below are step by step images on how I sewed up the garment together:



1. Cut out front and back pattern pieces.


2. Front pattern piece.


3. Back pattern piece.


4. Sew the two halves of the back together.


5. Fold 3cm wide pleats 5cm apart from each other on the front pattern.


6. In order for the pleats to stay stiff, stitch the edges of the folded pleats on the wrong side of the pattern.


7. Then on the right side, cross-stitch the center front of the pleats.


8. Add another cross-stitch between the center front and the side seam. (Do on both left/right side)


9. Sew shoulder and side seams together. Back is now longer than front.


10. Close up of side seam.


11. Finished garment.


12. Close up of design detail.


13. Garment side view.


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