First Week, First Workload

So as of today, it has been exactly been one week since I started university again. The first week began with us receiving our unit brief for the term. For this Fashion Theory and Concept Development unit, we are required to create 1 fully styled outfit including at least 2-3 garments and to design a full 6 outfit range plan of a 2D collection. We have been heavily encouraged to compete in various design competitions in order to promote ourselves as designers. In addition, we must conduct a well written Dissertation of 5,000 words with appropriate imagery and self-initiated Bibliography.

Scheduled on our first 2 days of our itinerary, we were assigned to attended construction workshops. The first was how we (re-) learned how to construct a fly with a basic open-end zip. We have been given this particular exercise before at first year, so it was rather nostalgic for me to sew something like this on our first day back.

IMG-20140929-00767 IMG-20140929-00771 IMG-20140929-00772

The next day, we got to explore some creative pattern cutting techniques by learning how to spiral cut. Some students have used this particular technique during our last project before the summer break and already had an advantage in completing the given exercise. I on the other hand was rather struggling in developing the pattern. I don’t think I have ever seem so many darts in my life! However I did manage to get the hang of it (somewhat) and would like further practice this particular style of pattern cutting, as it is a desirable technique to have.

IMG-20140930-00778 IMG-20140930-00779

Day 3 followed with us presenting out summer projects. This was something I discussed in greater detail on my previous blog post. And last but not least, we had a lecture about our dissertation which included discussing what is expected of why providing us sufficient research advise.  This enormous writing piece counts as 50% of our grade for this unit so its best that we don’t f*** it up!



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