Getting Back On Track (I Hope…)

So it’s been a good month since I have posted something on my blog. Apologizes for the absence but 3rd year has really taken a toll on me. My so called “to do list” seems to be never ending with more and more things I constantly need to add onto.

Sometimes my schedule seems to be so tight, I feel like that I am busier that Barack Obama! In addition to doing late nights in the studio, I ventured up to London a few times to source various swatches and final fabrics. Even though my trips to London where for business rather than pleasure, I still enjoyed the times I’ve spent on so called fabric scavenger hunts with some of my fashion peeps. We went to renowned places such as Clothhouse in Soho and Goldhawk road, which is known as the “street of fabrics”.

Yesterday was our individual toile review where we had 3 of our tutors critique us on what we have accomplished at the stage. To summarize what I have done/what I would like to do so far, here is a quick breakdown: I am doing a Womenswear/Outerwear/Activewear outfit that will consist of a jacket, loose t-shirt, and cigarette trousers (or “pants” if you are American like me..).

However before my review, I was focusing way too much on the jacket to the point where I just ended up making it way too unnecessary complex and over-designed. Even though I was successful in achieving the design feature I wanted to achieve of having a cape sewed onto the sleeves, I still became stuck and confused. My tutors caught on with this at the review and suggested to not use certain fabrics and alter the silhouette in addition to rethink the fabrication. I didn’t put much thought on which tops/bottoms I designed so far would go with the jacket creating an appropriate outfit which, was something they would have liked to have seen.

After leaving my review with respected and well meant constructive criticism, I still had some mix feelings on what my next steps were going to be. So today after speaking to a series of technicians and tutors to gather various opinions, my thoughts where on a roller-coaster of “yay I know what I am doing” to “S*** what now???”.

It even got to the point where I had to question my “design identity” that I have been working with for the past 2 years (Women’s functional active garments). However as the day drew to a close, I was given some great advice by my the main tutor for this unit that put me back on track on what I wish to achieve. I basically was told to try and avoid over-designing garments and work with simpler shapes, but still making it cool and contemporary by focusing on fabrication, finishing and details. We ended up spending some time looking at Alexander Wang collections online to get an idea on what cool contemporary fashion with a sporty aesthetic looks like.

Now that I feel more confident in what I am going to do, I wish to develop the appropriate patterns and toiles tomorrow and do another 12 hour day in the studio. At the end of the day though, I genuinely do need to remind myself that minor(or in some cases even major) setbacks are a part of what will make me into the best I can be as a designer, maker or whatever it is I aspire to be.


Work in progress..



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