Amongst The Bold And The Beautiful

Dear fellow Worspressers, forgive me for my 1 month absence as I have been buried on top of my FMP workload which consist of an endless amount fabric, thread, pins, scissors, sketchbooks, blood, sweat, and tears. However despite all of this, I managed to escape to London for a day to buy some final fabrics for my end of year collection. When I booked my tickets for me and my companion to go to London at that time, I didn’t realize that Fashion Week was still going on! Excited about this wonderful coincidence, we decided to “live a little” and stop by Somerset House to be amongst the bold and the beautiful people of fashion. The moment I stepped out of the tube at Temple station, the realization crept in that I was actually going to see LFW!! As a Fashion Student, being able to see London Fashion Week first hand is like an astronaut getting to fly to the moon for the first time. It’s that exciting!

As we began exploring and wondering what there was for non-VIP’s to do, we tried working our charms at reception and asked if we were able to see one of the shows. It turned out that one of the people who worked at reception was an alumni of our university. (Small world). Sadly however, that little connection wasn’t enough for us to actually get exclusive access to watch a LFW show up close. We still decided to hang around for a bit, as more and more people began to show up.

Shortly after, another small world coincidence occurred when I ran into a familiar face. Last year for a group project, I interviewed All Walks Beyond The Catwalk’s Caryn Franklin on the phone. I didn’t go up to her though cause she wouldn’t really know who I was and plus she was being interviewed. But hey who knows, maybe someday our paths might cross again….

Being in the midst of one big giant fashion gathering filled with such well dressed people, it would be natural for you to instagram your experience. (Well natural for some…..) As for me however, I wasn’t able to partake in the whole #LWF #Catwalk ########### because I am “one of those” people who don’t have Instagram. Thankfully though, the person I was with had an iphone WITH Instagram and we were able to see what others were posting. We even managed to find people’s accounts that were standing near by us!

Despite not being able to see a catwalk show up close, we got to watch a live stream on the big screen of the Marques Almeida A/W 15 collection debut. The collection had an emphasis on layers, flayers and raw cut up raw edges especially on the denim pieces.

Now that it’s a brand new month, I hope to be a bit more consistent with my blog entries. I have exciting things to write about including my recent trip to Paris. In the meantime, please enjoy this blog post and the images attached from my brief fashion week experience!


IMG-20150224-01436 IMG-20150224-01439 IMG-20150224-01443 00070h_426x639 00010h_426x639

Marques Almeida AW 15


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