Savage Beauty – haunted or enchanted?

Back in March, I decided to take a break from my busy schedule at the time and head up to London to see the highly anticipated Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Victoria Albert Museum. I recall when tickets were first released that my fellow fashion friend and I didn’t hesitate in purchasing them!

We were among the lucky ones because the site crashed for others trying to order their tickets online. Let’s face it, though, as soon as this exhibition was first announced pretty much ALL fashion enthusiasts went all fan girl! It’s no wonder the site crashed in the first place…McQueen left such a strong legacy behind that it was only justice that his work be honoured and celebrated at one of London’s most prestigious museums.

“London’s where I was brought up. It’s where my heart is and where I get my inspiration.”
-Alexander McQueen, January 2000

When first entering the exhibition, visitors were greeted by a video montage of the late designer’s head morphed into a skull. Each room created an ambiance of theatrical gothic romanticism captured by the garments’ essence of what “Savage Beauty” is all about: pure, bold, outlandish pieces that despite historical references define 21st century fashion.

Even though I was able to appreciate the stunning craftsmanship and intricate details applied to the garments, I couldn’t decide whether I felt haunted or enchanted by McQueen’s creations. With pointy horn-like shoulder pads, bondage-like leather head masks or real crocodile heads, it wasn’t exactly like stepping into happy rainbow “Care Bear” world… but rather entering a world of romantic exoticism, where musical elements lure the audience into the charm of unfamiliarity from one room to the next. Accompanied by avant-garde installations and performance art runway video footage, this certainly wasn’t like any other fashion exhibition I had ever visited!

If anyone has the opportunity, I would recommend visiting Savage Beauty before it ends on August 2

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take any of my own photos (security guards), but below are some credited Google search images of the exhibition:







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