Project Throwback: Hortinatura

Li Elelkoort’s Bloom Magazine really helped me to develop my conceptual research, where it analyses trends in horticulture and nature with informative and inspirational photography, texts, and relating it to a fashion context. Exploring the horticulture lifestyle in particular encouraged me to look beyond and seek inspiration from elements that were not so generic such as the development of floral prints.

Seeing as my project was nature inspired, the right location  for the photoshoot was really important to me. I wanted to steer clear of creating glossy high-fashion images à la Vogue. That’s not what my collection was about. The whole visual concept had to be paired down. So the shoot took place at this gorgeous near by woods next to my old uni campus. The weather that day unfortunately presented itself as a bit of a challenge. However, we were able to conquer the elements and ended up with a quite successful photoshoot.

To the models, photographers and other crew members who were involved that day: once again thank you. Thank you for making it all possible and allowing me to look back at something I am truly proud of.

FMP Page 61

FMP Page 60

FMP Page 51

FMP Page 50

FMP Page 52

FMP Page 53

FMP Page 55

FMP Page 57

FMP Page 58

FMP Page 59

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