I’m Back


Hello WordPress,

Forgive me for neglecting this blog for quite sometime now. I’ve been crazy busy juggling two jobs. One as a Style Advisor and the other as a Freelance Fashion Writer.

This blog was mostly dedicated to my projects and experiences at University. However now that I am no longer a Student, I still would like to use this platform to still write about fashion, art, music etc. From time to time though, I will occasionally reminisce my Uni days through old images and untold stories.

I’ve also decided to give this blog a new look and promise to post more regularly from now on.

Watch this space for exciting things to come!


Design Application and Process (Inspiration Aquatecture)

Design Application and Process, is the new unit that was introduced to us at the beginning of our second term in Fashion Studies level 4. For this unit, we were giving the opportunity to choose what area we wanted to specialize in and were therefore split into 2 different groups. There is the 3D route, which involves the making of garments, and the 2D, which specializes in publications.

Regardless of our chosen specialism, we are encouraged to enhance our innovative thinking, communications and design realizations. We also need to consider ethics and sustainability throughout the creative process of this unit.

I chose the 3D pathway, where we are given the task to create a Denim outfit that incorporates another chosen fabric, accompanied by a Jersey top and an accessory.
The first three weeks of this project was all about gathering research and ideas, as well as developing a concept for the 3 piece outfit. We also have received tutorials, and an introduction to a denim workshop to help up with our creative process.

I decided to base my research and design concept theme on Aquatecture, which is an innovated building concept of architecture located next to water. Aquatecture engages with the idea of developing solutions to issues posed by urbanization and climate change. This therefore touches base with ethics and sustainability.

See the images of my sketchbook, which contains my research and idea generation for my concept.Image



Creative Drawing and Digital Application

Hello readers!

I will be posting some drawings I have made for the Creative Drawing and Digital Application unitof the Fashion Studies level 4 course.

On Tuesdays we do traditional drawing techniques with Vici, where we are able to experiment with different medias such as pencil, pastel, watercolor, charcoal and collage. Wednesdays we have Ben for digital application, where we scan in our drawings from Vici’s session and use Photoshop to edit them.